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Once an UberJS CD is created with all of the configuration files, using it is very simple.

Booting the CD

1. Hit Stop + A on the keyboard
2. At the ok prompt, type "boot cdrom - install" and hit enter


Bringing up the network

UberJS will configure /dev and /devices and proceed through the initialization phase.
You should see an "UberJS Standard v3.05.0 with NetInit v3.04.10 Booting" message.

If the machine is using DHCP, either because of a tag in the ipethers file or for lack of a specific configuration for your machine, UberJS will try and configure DHCP first. After UberJS receives an IP address from the DHCP server, it will prompt you to accept the IP with a y/n prompt. If the IP is acceptable, please type "y" and hit enter. If the results are not desirable and you wish to input an IP address manually, type "n" and hit enter.

If DHCP was successful, your network is now completely configured. The IP address, default router, and netmask should all be configured and the system will move to the NFS mounting phase.

If DHCP was not successful or you chose to input an IP address, you will be prompted for it. Enter the machines IP address and hit enter.

If no netmask file was found, you will be prompted to input the netmask. Usually is safe, but is sometimes used.

Next, a default router will be determined automatically. If one is not found, you will be prompted for that as well. If you do not know your default gateway, ask your system administrator

At this point, manual network configuration is complete and the system will move on to the final stages of UberJS.


NFS mounting

If the CD contains a bootparams entry for your hostname, no prompting will be necessary and the system will move to the installation phase on its own.

If the CD does not contain a bootparams entry for your hostname, but does contain an nfs_servers file, you will be presented with a menu and expected to chose which group of server paths to use. Your system administrator should have supplied you with which selection to chose for your system. Simply type the number that matches the servers you want to use and hit enter. Then confirm that you want to use that selection by typing "y" and hitting enter again.

Lastly, if neither bootparams nor nfs_servers files are present, you will be asked to input all of the paths manually. Your system administrator should provide you with these as well.

Once all of the paths have been specified or determined, the system will attempt to mount all of the paths and if successful, no more input during UberJS will be required. If the server is not reachable and you are returned to a shell prompt, most likely the NFS server is down or your network is misconfigured. At this point, try starting over or checking with your administrator.


Sun Installer

If your system administrator provided a proper sysidcfg file, you should receive no prompts during the Sun install phase. If you receive prompts, your administrator should provide you with the information to fill in.


Thank you for using UberJS!

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