Creation of a Linux + Windows + Solaris Boot CD

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Creating a triple boot CD is the same process as creating a dual boot cd for linux/windows.

Since RedHat Linux uses the ISOLINUX loader, just edit the isolinux.cfg file to include:

label msnet
   kernel memdisk
   append initrd=bootflop.img


the bootflop.img is the el torito bootable floppy image for the cd.

You can do this with as many floppy images as you like. You could boot 100 different floppy disks with this utility

You'll also need the memdisk executable from ISOLINUX, available here


in addition to copying in the uberks stuff into s0, you must also copy in the windows cdrom root. Everything shares the / of the cdrom.

I recommend keeping all the roots separate and copying them all together in a tmp dir so that making changes to the individual pieces is kept simple.

See the mkiso script for how I do this

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