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Init (references /etc/inittab)
Init is the standard unix init system which runs certain scripts/binaries when certain runlevels are entered.

/sbin/rcS (called by Init)
rcS is a script which is responsible for bringing the system on to the network and calling other scripts with the ultimate goal of being ready for the Sun install phase.

/sbin/rc{0,2,3,5,6} (called by Init)
rc{0,2,3,5,6} are standard scripts that contain commands to bring up/down the network, shutdown the system, etc.

/sbin/startup (called by init)

/sbin/sysidfind (called by startup)
sysidfind is a script which simply searches for the sysidcfg file via a few methods and then copies it to /tmp/root/etc.

/sbin/getLocale (called by startup)
getLocale 'initializes the locale information in /tmp/root/etc/default/init and sets the LANG variable accordingly.'

/sbin/startinstall (called by startup)
startinstall 'starts the install process. It either starts it in the same console as being run in, or starts up a windowing system if necessary.'

/sbin/sysconfig (called by startinstall)
sysconfig starts an xterm if NOWIN is was not specified on the OBP command line and passed in via argument, and runs sysidtool in the xterm or on the console, does some networking setup for NIS capability, generates the software table of contents (creates the clustertoc) and calls suninstall

/sbin/sysidtool (called by sysconfig)
Does some futher network configuration, and runs sysidnet, sysidkrb5, sysidns, keyserv, and sysidsys, all of which are binaries.

/sbin/suninstall (called by sysconfig)
suninstall processes the rules.ok file, begin script, installs the profile, runs finish script, among quite a lot of other things.

/usr/sbin/install.d/profind (called by suninstall)
'searches for a JumpStart directory. If one is found, leave it mounted on SI_CONFIG_DIR directory.'

/usr/sbin/install.d/pfinstall (called by suninstall)
a binary that installs a particular profile configuration file

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