Task RPMs for CLUE Linux 2004

Task- RPMs under RHEL

The latest iteration (and hopefully one of the last) of how we manage configuration files across different groups of machines is this:

Configuration file sets will be grouped according to functional areas. For example, 'task-auth-clue' will be the name of the RPM that contains configuration files pertaining to CLUE authentication. We will have other task- RPMs for different discrete groupings of functionality. But the RPMs themsleves will not actually insert the configuration file into its proper location. This will be done with cfengine. The configuration files for a particular task- will be installed under /etc/cfengine/task-whatever. A locally installed cfengine script will be reponsible for ensuring that a particular configuration file is up to date in its target location, as well as taking care of other housekeeping tasks (e.g. checking that a particular service is running). Each task- rpm will have its own cfengine script that will run out of /etc/cron.daily or /etc/cron.hourly.

Some suggested task- RPMs and the configuration files that will be managed by the cfengine scripts are listed below. Note that all configuration files (except for those in /etc/cron.hourly,etc.) are actually installed by the task- RPM in /etc/cfengine/{task name}. The cfengine script in /etc/cron.hourly ensures the file is up to date in its final target location.


(authentication for the CLUE Network)


(authentication for Acropolis )


(name services for CLUE Network )


(name services for Acropolis )


(remote file sharing configs )


(remote file sharing for Acropolis )


(security settings and scripts )

Software task- RPMs

Unlike many of the task- RPMs above which will generally only allow one of a given type (task-auth-clue and task-auth-acropolis are mutually exclusive), software task- RPMs are stackable:


(some kind of generic base set)


(software particular to CLUE, e.g. Psi)


(generic engineering software, e.g. Matlab, Fortran, cxoffice)


(AerE software)


(VLSI software)

Lab or Room RPMs


(room 2268 Howe )

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