Installing CLUE Linux

The easiest way to install CLUE Linux is with the web install tool. There you can download a small (5MB) bootable CDROM ISO which allows one to install CLUE Linux from the network. It is also possible to install CLUE Linux from CDROM, if for example you are on a low-bandwidth network. Network functionality is still required however for the post-install apt software installation.

Once a machine has been built with CLUE Linux, it is no longer necessary to use the CDROM to re-install the OS. There is a password-protected boot menu entry titled "Rebuild this machine to original configuration" which will re-kickstart the machine using the original kickstart file, completely erasing all data on the machine.

If you would like to re-install the OS using a different kickstart file than the one the machine was originally built with, reboot the machine and enter the GRUB command shell. Type 'p' and enter the GRUB password. Highlight 'Rebuild this machine' and press 'e' to edit this line. Press 'e' once again to edit the kernel line, and change the ks=... statement to ks=http://... and press enter. Press 'b' to start the kickstart.

If you wish to install a later release of CLUE Linux, you must use the boot CDROM for that release.

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