In the past, cfengine filled many roles: meta configurations, build-time commands, patches, and random hacks. Because CFengine is a global service needed by every client in the CLUE network, this was found to be less than optimal. Start with CLUE Linux 2004, the role of CFengine has been reduced to only the most critical components. There is also a new rule regarding its use. If you wish to add a new rule to the cfengine configuration, you must answer this question with a yes: "Does this rule apply equally to every client machine in the clue network?" The root password is appropriate. A script to install sound drivers is not. The CFengine configuration file should be rarely edited.

Proper Uses for CFengine

If you want to make a change to the master cfengine configuration file, ask another CLUE administrator for permission. The CLUE Linux CFinputs folder is located at

Note this page only refers to CLIENT machines in CLUE. Servers (samba and comservers) should have their own cfengine configuration file for safety.

CHAPTER 5: Installing CLUE Linux

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